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Reasons Why Promotional Products are so Successful

One of the most powerful ways to engage with your audience and reaffirm customer loyalty is to include Branded Products into your marketing campaign. Promotional Products are a physical item, they can significantly outlast other advertising mediums and continue to build your brand giving lasting competitive advantage.

76% of us will keep a promotional item we are given.

73% of those surveyed will go on to purchase from the company that gave them the promotional gift. 

83% say they can name the brand of the promotional item without having to refer to it.

96% of people surveyed believe merchandise increases company brand awareness.

Promotional Products

Make almost 6 times as many recipients feel appreciated than the mediums of Print, Web, Direct Mail, TV.

Promotional Products

Motivate over twice as many recipients to take action than the mediums of Print, Web, Direct Mail, TV.

Promotional Products

Invoke loyalty in over three times as many recipients as the effects of the mediums of Print, Web, Direct Mail, TV.

The survey was commissioned by the bpma. Individual interviews were carried out by an independent research agency to 1,000 respondents, the results of which were published in Spring 2013. Sectors represented in the survey included, IT, retail, services, insurance, and education.

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